004 / 15 October 2014 / ARTICLES

Nkiruka Oparah
Text by Sabrina Tamar

Nkiruka Oparah is a 1st generation Nigerian based in Brooklyn. Born in California, raised in Atlanta GA, Nkiruka's work brings an element of sincerity and societal/cultural history too often absent from digital art. In her own words, she describes her journey as an artist as "a reflection of the successes and failures of my life goal – oneness with God." Blending fine art, post-internet tools and aesthetics, along with influences from graphic design, Nkiruka's work is derived from "personal experience, spirituality, as well as psychological and philosophical reflections about the self and the psyche." 

I choose collage because I like the transformation.  I like having all these separate ideas, images and thoughts and trying to find the right visual interpretation for that particular moment or project.  It's both familiar and anonymous at the same time.  I use the transformation to gives the visuals I create a 'new' beauty;  an image where the 'beauty' of it is not so obvious.

- Nkiruka Oparah