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Ale Tarver

Painter and curator Alexandria Tarver is a welcome breath among the young contemporary artists working out of Brooklyn today. Her unabashed passion for her craft shows in her mastery of her medium of choice: oil paint. The 2012 series “Kits” brings still-life to another dimension with small scale renderings of drum sets that add a hint of edge and humor to a category of painting frequently absent in the contemporary galleries today.

Alexandria Tarver was born in Houston, Texas. She received a BFA from New York University in 2011. Recently her work has been selected for the group shows The Morning After, curated by Chason Matthams, at Tyler Wood Gallery in San Francisco, CA (2014), Thaw, curated by Alison Sirico at 622 Broadway in Brooklyn, NY (2013), and Fishing in the Dark at Violet's Cafe in Brooklyn, NY (2013). She also organized the group shows Sentimental at Fitness Center for the Arts & Tactics in Brooklyn, NY (2013) and #1 at The Ho_se in Brooklyn, NY (2013). She currently lives and works in New York City.



Ale Tarver

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